Promotional accessories: Sail flags

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You may be surprised to hear that sail flags are not just part of maritime vessel anatomy but are also employed as a type of commercial signage. They are versatile accessories which are used by a variety of businesses, organisations and individuals involved in all sorts of activities. With that in mind here is a guide to sail flags and their applications:
Sail flags have been used as a promotional tool for several years and are used to display important information as well as eye catching graphics and designs. Things such as company names in appropriate lettering as well as corporate logos are the usual choices. Sail flags can also exhibit slogans, website addresses or other information which can be used to help promote the desired company image.
An alternative to the likes of vinyl banners and ‘A’ boards and window graphic designs, sail flags are popular types of signage which are frequently used in commercial applications. There are several different types of sail flags which are different aesthetically. Feather sail flags for instance are stylish and practical, although you may prefer things like quill banners.
Sail flags are best used outdoors. They are obviously at their best in terms of attracting attention when they are open to the elements and are blown by the wind. Consequently sail flags usually need to be weighted with heavy bases as the flags themselves are light enough to be blown away. As you can imagine, they are ideal for stalls which are set up at open-air events. Therefore you are likely to see sail flags at all sorts of occasions ranging from motor shows and sporting events to music festivals.
Where can I find a supplier of high quality sail flags?
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Promotional accessories: Sail flags

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Promotional accessories: Sail flags

This article was published on 2012/02/18